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The b-grades are yo-yos sold at a lower price due to imperfections.

The imperfections on the Bolts are physical. The plastic caps on the Bolt XPs might be a little loose, and the metal caps on the Bolt Part 2s might slip a little bit in warm weather or high speeds. If you like, you can use a pair of vice grips to lightly squish the edge of a Bolt XP cap, which oftentimes adds just enough material to the edge that the cap doesn’t slip anymore. You can also try using a little glue on Bolt Part 2s to stop the metal discs from slipping.

These are all sold “as-is”.

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Weekender Yell/Purp, Weekender Purple, Weekender 48 Hour, Weekender YoYoExpert, Bolt White, Bolt Black, Bolt Blue, Bolt Red, Bolt Green, Bolt2 Blue, Bolt2 Green, Icarus Orange


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