The Icarus Yo-Yo

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A floaty and fun yo-yo in a nice wide shape. Now available in three colors!

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A brand new yo-yo designed by Doctor Popular.

This aluminum yo-yo feels light and floaty with a very classic feel.

diameter 56mm
width 45mm
4.34mm gap
weight between 64-66 grams
size C bearing

What are those holes for? They are an experiment of sorts. I wanted to see if I could reduce some of the middle weight, leaving more stability in the center and out edges of the yo-yo. I was also hoping to see if the extra air friction from the holes would help keep the loops open during yo-yo “suicides”. But mainly I wanted them there because I think they look awesome.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

pink, blue, orange

2 reviews for The Icarus Yo-Yo

  1. hesperaux (verified owner)

    I couldn’t resist getting this when I made an order for the modern responsive style. This is NOT that, but it’s a really great 1A yoyo. The last 3 days I’ve been throwing it almost exclusively and it’s just so comfortable. It spins long, the finish is fantastic, and it’s just fun. I really like the cup design on this, and if you don’t know, go look into the detail that Doc Pop went into when designing these finger spin cups. It didn’t pan out like he hoped, but they are really unique and the idea was solid.

  2. Theodor Rzad (verified owner)

    My Icarus is still in the mail, but I’m stoked! I love the drilled detail; i.e. the holes that go through from the exterior to interior near the axle. I can only speculate about the performance reason for this detail, but love it aesthetically. It provides a type of transparency in an opaque material. It communicates the functions of difference surfaces from the one in view. It recalls the beauty of mass-reduction prior to the Finite Element Analysis era. Airplanes, race cars and motorcycles all had liberal use of drillings. In the 70’s, racing bicycles were often modded by neatly drilling holes in the center of mass of cast aluminum components, known as “Drillium”. Dig, DocP>

    • doctorpopular

      Dude, I’ve never heard of Drillium before, thanks for sharing that info with me!

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