Believe it or Knot: A Silly Yo-Yo Book


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I’ve done it! I’ve finally made a comic book about yo-yos! It covers basic tricks and maintenance, but then it gets real weird… R̢͚͕̱̳̩͙̟E͓͇̮̦̘̼̱͎A͇̯̦̻͍̟͔̻L̟̩͖̺̱̬͕̩ weird.

This comic book was written and drawn during the 2018 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge, but then I cleaned it up and fixed the lettering after that 24 hour period. So it’s sort of like a 48 hour comic project, but I digress. I’m super proud of this book and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

This comic is only available as a high or medium quality PDF download.


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