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Restock alert: Weekenders available in new colors

If you’ve been on the hunt for a Weekender, I have some great news… I now have Weekenders available in orange or light blue. I’ve been out of stock all year, so don’t miss out on these yo-yos. I think Weekenders set the bar for metal modern responsive yo-yos. They are light, snappy, and easy to stall.

I have 11 available in classic orange and 11 more available in a new light blue color that I think looks fantastic. These colors remind me of the classic Bolt colorways.

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PopCast Yo-Yo Vlog: An interview with André Boulay from YoYoExpert

This episode of PopCast is an in depth conversation with André Boulay from I asked André about how he got into yo-yoing, how the pandemic has affected the hobby, what it’s like switching from being a yo-yo pro to being a yo-yo store, and if we’ll ever see another Dark Magic.

PopCast is a crowd sponsored yo-yo show. Huge thanks to Taka, John Anderson, and the rest of my sponsors on Just a note, André is one of the sponsors of this show, but he had no say in any of the questions I asked or how it was edited. I just thought he’s a cool person with a rad yo-yo story.

I’m giving away The Dark Magic bootleg yo-yo that we show during the episode. This has been a coveted part of my collection for a while, but it seems like the perfect giveaway. Find out how to win it on my

Bootleg Dark Magic