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New Clip video for the Populist

I’ve made a new clip video to help show off my newest yo-yo, The Populist. The Populist is the first bi-metal yo-yo I’ve produced and was designed in collaboration with my Patreon sponsors.

It’s been really windy in our neighborhood lately, so I ended up shooting this over a few mornings, while the air was a bit calmer. This gives the yo-yo a foggy early morning feel, that I felt went well with this wonderful song by Benjamin Mørk and a classic 4:5 aspect ratio. I feel that ratio helped add to the intimate feeling of the video, like we are just hanging out and yo-yoing together.

I’ve also posted a full PopCast video about the Populist and some behind the scenes of this clip video.

And here’s the Populist on my site:

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National Yo-Yo Day Sale

June 6th is #NationalYoYoDay, so I’m running a huge sale on Icarus yo-yos and more! I’ve also released a small batch of Cerakote Weekenders! Here’s a quick set of links to items on sale:

$15 off an Icarus!
$10 off a Moon Rock Icarus
Some Bolt Yo-Yos are on sale

These aren’t on sale, but a small batch of Cerakote Weekenders are now available.

An amazing looking finish on a Weekender