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Inverted Boingy Boing Tutorial

Pink text with sparkles that says "Boingy Boing", but the text is written upside down.

Ever since Yuta Ogawa debuted Boingy Boing in 1998, the trick became an instant classic. Every yo-yoer tried putting their own spin on the trick, like MarkMont’s “2nd Gen Boing” from 2004 or Rei Iwakara’s “Boingy Boing Switch“. My personal Boingy Boing goal was to be able to invert the Boingy Boing and keep it going. I struggled on this for years because I assumed that I’d need to switch the motion from my throw hand to my non-throw hand. I spent years trying to refine that motion, but finally figured out that I could easily do the trick without switching my dominant hand.

Here is my tutorial for Boingy Boing.:

And here are some other Boingy Boing variations from around the web:

And here is a great tutorial on the basic Boingy Boing:

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