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Responsive 5A workshop streaming on Livee tomorrow

Word up, y’all. Steve Brown has been working with the folks at Livee, a live-streaming app for iOS, to do a series of 5A workshops all week long. I’ll be teaching a Modern Responsive 5A workshop tomorrow at 5pm PST (8pm EST) and I hope you can make it. If you have the app installed, I believe you can click this link to find the stream.

I’ll try to do a screen recording for later viewing which I may post on Youtube later if it feels like good enough content.

If you can’t make it, or just want to get a headstart, I have a big playlist of Modern Responsive Counterweight tutorials on Youtube. You can watch those here.

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PopCast #47: Astro Counterweight Style

I’m really excited to finally feature Astro counterweight in this new PopCast video. Astro is a sub-style of counterweight that uses two weights instead of one. One of the weights slides around while the other is tethered to the end of the string.

The goal for Astro was to still be able to do all the normal 5A counterweight tricks, but occasionally throw in a sliding trick to really keep things fresh, but recently a bunch of players have been taking the style and really developing it into it’s own thing. Seeing the work they were doing really motivated me to come back in and share some of the basics I’ve found along the years.

Along with the video, I’ve also released a set of 3D printable Astro designs that you can print out at home. The licensing on these designs is really wide open, so I hope that manufacturers start playing around with them and selling their own versions.

There is a ton of great Astro content going up on Instagram too, so be sure to check #astrocw for tricks and ideas.