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“Do Something Cool” Yo-Yo Shirts on Threadless

I’ve just added a new shirt to my Threadless shop. This awesome design was illustrated by Ben Passmore and is based on my “Do Something Cool” video on TikTok. Ben and I are donating our portion of proceeds of this shirt to The Bail Project.

Shirt available on

People always ask what my opinion of these Threadless shirts are, so I’ll just say that I love them. I’m a big fan. The prints are high quality and I love their “premium” tees the best. They are twice the cost, but holy crap are they comfortable. I have a lot more yo-yo designs over on my Threadless shop too, so check them out here.

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PopCast: Simply Mike learns Eeby Deeby

This is a fun episode of PopCast where I hang out with Simply Mike, who does a yo-yo show called The Definitive Yoyo. Mike and talk about a newer trick called Eeby Deeby, which is inspired by my old Gondola trick. We also share some tips on Gondola too. I hope you enjoy!

Like I said, this video is pretty much just the two of us hanging out and chatting. If you’d like a shorter tutorial for Eeby Deeby, check out this video: