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Big Bad Popular Doctor

I’m on the verge of the next busy season for a yo-yo pro, but I’ve already been getting some bigger gigs lately. Today I opened for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at a huge corporate gig in Santa Clara. I snapped a quick pic of BBVD right before I took off.

My goal is to make this the best holiday season I’ve ever had. It’s already been the most productive, most creatively successful year I’ve ever had, so I have high hopes for the next 3 months.

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So cute!

Here is a picture from an Indonesian yo-yo player named Rosgana of his daughter Hasya playing with a Doctor Popular Bolt yo-yo. Isn’t it cute?

And the daughter is cute too.

Seriously, Rosgana is an awesome dude and an incredible artist. I sent him some Bolts a few months ago and they’ve started turning up in all of the Indonesian yo-yo players hands. Check out pics from a yo-yo contest in Jakarta (and more here).

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Cal States this weekend

Are you ready for this year’s California State Yo-Yo Contest? It’s this Saturday at the Exploratorium in San Francisco from 10am till 5pm.

The Chronicle article is up, you can read it online here. Be sure to check out the cool video too. I seem to have barely made it into the article, which is a shame ’cause I said some neat stuff, but that’s how this stuff always goes. I hear the photo is huge in the paper though. BTW, I’m using a B.I.S.T., that’s a new italian yo-yo.

Today, Bill is gonna be all over the local tv stations, hucking his YoYoJams at the cameramen.

The event has also garnered a few bits of press in the Alternative Weeklies, but they are the typical condescending drivel you’d expect to find in these types of papers.

I can’t wait to see everyone there!