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New yo-yo trick video! The End Part II #thingsthatrepeat

The End Part II #thingsthatrepeat” is my first full length trick video in a long time. I made it to promote the upcoming release of The End Part II yo-yo by Round Spinning Objects and myself. The video features original tricks and music over a minimal background. If you look in the video’s description, you’ll also notice I’ve added “chapters” to the video, to show the name of each trick and more info about that trick when possible.

I’ve also uploaded the song from this video for folks to download

Huge thanks to Shalaco for sharing his studio, lighting, and camera skills with me for this project.

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Name-This-Möbius-Trick on Patreon

This is one of my oldest and most fleshed out Möbius tricks, but I never named it. So I’m doing a name-this-trick contest on my Patreon page and giving Da Capo yo-yo (seen in the video) to the winning name. Enter here

The song is “Heavy With Drums 1” by Emily Hopkins

Huge thanks to Thesis for donating the Da Capo for the giveaway. The Da Capo officially goes on sale today (9/4/21) at 5pm PDT on

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PopCast Vlog: Angelo Aguirre is a TikTok Yo-Yo Superstar

This episode of PopCast was a real treat. I got to talk to Angelo Aguirre about his huge following on social media. Angelo is a team member of SF Yo-Yos and has over 1.6 million fans on TikTok. We talked about what it’s like to have so many followers, tips for creating viral videos, how TikTokers make money, and his plans for the future.

If TikTok yo-yo videos aren’t your thing, check out some of Angelo’s longer clip videos on Youtube, like “a Soothing yoyo video” or “10 YEARS of Yoyoing.. 💕

During the interview, I asked Angelo for a critic of one of my recent yo-yo videos. I took his advice and shared it on TikTok this morning. Has it gone viral yet? You can find out here.