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Moon Rock Editions Now Available

A photo of the Moon Rock edition Shawn Exploder on the rocky surface of the moon. The yo-yo appears as if it is floating. Earth can be seen in the background.

Moon Rock White is a unique anodizing that my manufacturer offers. This special finish gives the yo-yo a velvety feel and looks a bit like porcelain. It’s a really unique look and I’m excited to be offering two of my favorite yo-yos, the Icarus and the Shawn Exploder in this Moon Rock White edition.

A photo of a rocky surface, like that of the moon, with 4 white yo-yos laying on the surface. There are two Moon Rock edition Icarus, and two Moon Rock edition Shawn Exploders.

As an extra note, this MRW edition Shawn Exploder is manufactured in 7068 aluminum (instead of 7075) and is a few grams lighter than the standard edition. So this is a special treat for folks who like lighter yo-yos, or if you are just a huge fan of the SE and want to see how different weights can effect its play.

This special edition comes with a special edition yo-yo bag and a ten pack of my PopString in a special all white and gold color. I’ve also restocked other items on my store, including a few gold plated Executive yo-yos, which make an excellent gift for the CEO in your life who also happens to yo-yo.

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New Thumbnails

Every now and then, I like to hire an artist to make some thumbnails for my videos. I really got a kick out of this new batch, so I thought I’d share them here. 

These thumbnails are for the following videos:

I sort of like these thumbs, but I always wonder if they clash with the overall style and vibe of the show. What do you think?

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PopCast: Skin The Gerbil

The newest episode of my PopCast yo-yo vlog is all about Skin The Gerbil. Skin The Gerbil is one of my most popular tricks, so I’m really excited to dedicate an entire episode to it. I talk about how the trick got its odd name, what is “alpha style”, and more yo-yo history. I hope you enjoy it!

Huge shout out to Clifton B. for editing this video, Noel von Joo for shooting it, an dall of my Patreon sponsors for making it possible.

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PopCast: Simply Mike learns Eeby Deeby

This is a fun episode of PopCast where I hang out with Simply Mike, who does a yo-yo show called The Definitive Yoyo. Mike and talk about a newer trick called Eeby Deeby, which is inspired by my old Gondola trick. We also share some tips on Gondola too. I hope you enjoy!

Like I said, this video is pretty much just the two of us hanging out and chatting. If you’d like a shorter tutorial for Eeby Deeby, check out this video:

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The origin of “Alpha” and “Beta” style yo-yoing

Connor Scholten, a yo-yo historian, recently asked me about the origin of the term “Alpha Style”, which I used to describe tricks like The Matrix and Skin The Gerbil. Here is my response:

As far as the terms go, I know I really loved the Matrix around that time, so I think Alpha and Beta just sounded techie to me. My trick “The Matrix” was maybe the first time I started thinking of the concept of what elements can be linked together and what can’t, so that kind of goes to prove that whole “this term sounds computery” origin story.

Doctor M. Popular

Alpha Style?

Some elements of yo-yo tricks can be linked together to form a single fluid chain of movement. This means allowing the movements of one element to carry momentum and flow into the next element without any pauses or redirections. This style of yo-yoing is called Alpha style. However, not all elements can be linked together. Some elements may necessitate a pause or a change in direction, which would bring the Alpha flow to an end. Some elements may require a pause or change in direction which would end the Alpha flow. The point between two elements that requires the yo-yo to change direction is called a Beta move.

The Matrix (seen above) can be put together almost entirely in Alpha Style, but Skin The Gerbil (below) is constructed of both Alpha and Beta moves.

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New Tutorial: PopGun Whip

Here’s a new trick tutorial for one of my favorite tricks of 2021… which was actually inspired by one of Kota’s tricks in the early 2000s. The trick is called the PopGun Whip and I think it’s totally learnable by most players. I’m hearing a lot of great feedback from folks who enjoyed the tutorial. You can watch it here:

Shout out to my Patreon sponsors who helped me find a name for this trick as part of my monthly Name-This-Trick Contest. Congrats to EFF.n YOYO for suggesting the winning name.