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Gold fundraiser for John Higby

It’s been a tough year for everyone, including performers like my friend John Higby. Recently a million foot high tree decided to take a nap on Higby’s new car. Luckily no-one was hurt, but it was just one more hard hit in an already bad year. There’s a little more info on the GoFundMe page that some friends set up for the John and his family.

John has been a huge influence over the years and has helped me out in so many ways that I’ve lost count, so I wanted to do something to help out too. I’ve already donated to the page, but I’m also doing a fundraiser here on I’m donating 100% of sales of my Gold Plated Executive Yo-Yos to John for the next 24 hours. I’ll only be able to do this for up to 10 yo-yos and this fundraiser ends at 3:30pm PST October 16th. Click here to purchase one and help John out.

These Gold Executives were originally made to celebrate my 20th year of yo-yoing, which is about how long I’ve known and admired Higby too. So I thought this was fitting.

John has also worked with me on a few music videos. He uses his hand drawn paintings, cuts them out, then animates them stop motion style on his phone. They look fantastic!

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Pop Art yo-yo, coming July 9th!

The Pop Art is a brand new collaboration between myself and Rain City Skill Toys! I’m really excited for you to try it!


The Pop Art features a slimline design for responsive play, but with some interesting design elements.

  1. Size A bearing – gives it that real classive feel with a smooth tug-response
  2. Response – The extra-wide gamer pads to give the string more surface to grab
  3. The gap – Slim catch zone with high walls, broken up by a pair of “Schmoove Grooves” combining for snappy, predictable response.
  4. Cup – The hub is a wide, tapered aluminum insert that ends at a high Delrin wall. This allows for pull starts and other tricks that are fun with responsive 1a and 5a play
  5. Light weight but well balanced for snappy stalls and regens.

The first release of the Pop Art will also include the new Rain Drop counterweight from Rain City Skills (Base Bead edition). Doc Pop get’s really creative with a trick style called “Responsive Freehand”, taking advantage of the responsive throw for some neat stall tricks that verge on Begleri play!


Weight – 52.6g

Diameter – 59.9mm

Width – 32.5mm

Available July 9th at 5pm Pacific from
I also recommend Traxxas Silicone Grease


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An interview with Markmont

In this episode of PopCast, I chat with one of my oldest friends in the yo-yoing, Mark Montgomery. We’ve known each other for nearly 20 years and I always love hanging out with him and chatting about anything.

Big thanks to all of my Patreon sponsors for help making these shows possible. I’m hoping to grow my audience more, so if you like the work I’ve been doing, please help support the show on

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Kyle Nations: Modern Responsive Yo-Yoing

A few months ago I flew out to St. Louis to check out the United Yo-Yo Contest. While I was in town I got to hang out with Kyle Nations, one of my favorite modern responsive yo-yoers, and shoot a clip video of some of his rad tricks.

This is the first non-Doc Pop clip video I’ve made in a loooong time and I really love how it turned out. Kyle is using a Weekender Yo-Yo, which I sell on my site and is great for responsive yo-yoing.

If you’d like more goodies, check out this long interview I shot with Kyle too.

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The Weekender Yo-Yo, now on Kickstarter!

After months of hype, The Weekender is finally available on Kickstarter… but only for 4 more days!

If you follow this blog, you may recognize this yo-yo from my 48 Hour Yo-Yo project last year. If not, be sure to watch the two part documentary about this experiment and my trip to the One Drop machine shop in Eugene, OR.