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Using Artificial Intelligence to reimagine classic yo-yo tricks

This episode of PopCast was so fun to make! I’ve been experimenting with generative art tools, like Dalle-2 and Midjourney, and loving the results. I had the idea to make a video about using classic trick names as text prompts for Midjourney, and then I spent the whole weekend creating prompts, shooting footage, and editing it. The idea of this episode I used the names of classic yo-yo tricks as prompts for Midjourney, then I wanted to see the results.

I love how this video turned out. It’s got some cool art and some footage from our yo-yo meetup in San Francisco. As an extra bonus, I’ve included all of my favorite images below, including several that didn’t make it into the video. Which one is your favorite?

Images generated from yo-yo trick names:

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San Francisco Yo-Yo Meetup on July 16th in Golden Gate Park

Hey Bay Area yo-yo friends, lets hang out this Saturday!

San Francisco Yo-Yo Meetup on July 16th. We will be by the bandshell in Golden Gate Park from 1-4 pm. If there is a concert happening, we’ll probably be closer to the big water fountain near the bandshell. This event is open to everyone, and we’ll be joined by Mr. Yoyothrower, the owner of Rain City Skilltoys. I hope to see you there!