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The Hesitator

Josh from recently wrote a blog about The Hesitator yo-yo.

The Hesitator was a very limited run of Spinatstics Eclipses that I hand painted and assembled. Less than 40 where made. Actually I made about 55, but trashed 15 pairs that I didn’t feel looked up to standard.

The name of the yo-yo came from the constant number of kids that would come in to my store looking for hesitator yo-yos.

“You know, the kind that hesitate.”

I would try to explain to them that all of our yo-yos slept, but they would only look for yo-yos that hesitate.

I don’t have any Hesitator’s left.

Josh has three.

Life can be cruel sometimes.

He has some fantastic pictures of them on his flickr page.

The pog art features my art as well. One side has a version of me scaling a giant yo-yo and spray tagging it. The other pog is a pair of hands with a floating “H” above them.

Painting the Hesitators was a total nightmare. Nail polish, blue ink, 3 colors of spray paint, sharpies, black paint, glitter and the lids off of McDonald’s McFlurries were all used to get the desired effect. Each half was numbered, signed, and had a cool flame effect. On one half of each yo-yo the flames would spell out HESITATOR. Since all the work was done on the inside of the yo-yo, all spelling had to be done backwards. I even had to learn how to sign my name backwards. Once, after completing 20 Hesitators, I wrote an entire sentence backwards on a post it note to a friend before I realized I was not writing normally. That could have also been a result of being subjected to many hours of breathing aerosol and nail polish fumes.

For the record, it is widely believed that John(bot) Russeth has the best Hesitator made.