Denim Wallet: White with Brown Leather


Raw Denim Wallet with upcycled selvage scraps and leather from a vintage jacket.

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Like a great pair of jeans, these wallets always get better with age.

This batch of wallets was made from scraps from tailored selvage jeans, white/orange upholstery, and brown leather. One cool little detail is the orange print (on the inner white/orange fabric) is lined up with the leather credit card pocket. Just a subtle touch that I think is pretty cool.

This wallet is made from raw shuttle loom denim, with a really unusual gold thread in the selvage line. The fake suede for the front pocket is a burgundy color and has a chain stitched cuff. The larger pocket is made from gold and burgundy upholstery scraps, and is also chain stitched.

These wallets are very thin and super durable. I used strong materials and stitched them using an antique industrial chain stitch machine (the sort used for hemming jeans). The smaller pocket holds your cards, while bills, checks and whatever else can go into the bigger pocket. The wallet folds in half and the side with the cards gets tucked into the lip (where the selvage edge is). When it’s closed, nothing falls out, and the wallet is extremely compact. The key to the design is reducing redundancies in the fabric folds to keep the wallet simple and slim.

The bigger pocket can also be used for carrying change, in fact I’m getting great feedback from buyers overseas who use my wallets to carry all their change currency (Euros, etc). They love that the coins don’t fall out.

On the side of the wallet is a loop used for attaching wallet chains, key chains or whatever.

These wallets are handmade by me, so each one is unique and may vary slightly from the one photographed.


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