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God Hates Dinosaurs is a silly comic by Doctor Popular that was written and drawn in 24 consecutive hours on 10/03/2014 as part of the 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge in San Francisco. You can read the full comic here or find out how to contribute to the project here.

It was inspired by Chick Tracts, a very popular series of quasi-religious comics by Jack Chick. These small evangelical books are often handed out on street corners or left at restaurants in lieu of a tip.

Shortly after the book was finished, Doc launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to hand out 1,000 copies of the comics to strangers in San Francisco and beyond. The goal was to make strangers smile while also demonstrating the absurdity of changing people’s beliefs by handing them a cheesy comic book.

The project was so well received that in 2015, Doc decided to open source it. This means the project is available for anyone to download, color, translate, modify, print, and distribute on their own.

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