Prototypes (for Patreon betatesters)


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This is a special product for Beta backers only.

Please do not buy more than 1 of each item.

The two prototypes currently available are the Platypus V2 and the Desert Island Yo-yo.

The Platypus (PLTPS) version 2 is less wide than the original version, and 3 grams lighter. The PLTPS V2 is made of POM rims and aluminum hubs. It’s weight is 55.9g and it’s 59mm tall and 30.8mm wide. The PLTPS V2 prototype comes with a responsive slim bearing, but it does not include a counterweight.

The Desert Island Yo (DIY) is an unresponsive POM plastic yo-yo. It is amazing for finger spins and just a nice all-around yo-yo. It weighs 67.1g. It is 57.9mm tall and 46mm wide.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

PLTPS V2, Desert Island Yo