The Populist (prototype #1)


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This is a pre-order for a Populist prototype. These will be exclusively available for Patreon “beta” sponsors (plus one for me and one for Patrick Dressel). The plan is to order this batch in “Moon Rock White”, a new off-white andozing finish that my factory is offering. I also plan on doing a logo etching on this batch too. Both the color and laser etching are subject to change, but that is the plan. If you place a pre-order for a prototype, please understand that some of these stats may change:

Material: 7075+Brass
Weight for each 7075 aluminum body: 21.10g
Weight for each brass rim: 9.00g
Total weight: 64.95g+/-0.5g
Dimater: 54.16mm
Width: 46.01mm
Gap Width: 4.51mm
Axle: M4*8mm
Pads: 19*14*1.2mm(19mm slim standard pads)
Bearing: Center track bearing
Anodized: 1 solid color for 7075 aluminum body with raw brass ring


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