The Populist Superblack (Patreon Exclusive)

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The Populist is the first bi-metal yo-yo ever produced by Doc Pop Toys & Games. This yo-yo was designed collaboratively with my sponsors on

The Superblack edition is an all black version of the Populist that is available exclusively to Patreon members.

Material: 7075+Steel
Weight for each 7075 aluminum body: 21.10g
Weight for each brass rim: 9.00g
Total weight: 63.7g
Diameter: 54.16mm
Width: 46.01mm
Gap Width: 4.51mm
Axle: M4*8mm
Pads: 19*14*1.2mm(19mm slim standard pads)
Bearing: Center track bearing
Color: The Populist logo is laser etched onto the aluminum before the yo-yo gets anodized black, giving this yo-yo a real subtle logo. The steel rings are also anodized black.


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