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The Weekender Yo-Yo, now on Kickstarter!

After months of hype, The Weekender is finally available on Kickstarter… but only for 4 more days!

If you follow this blog, you may recognize this yo-yo from my 48 Hour Yo-Yo project last year. If not, be sure to watch the two part documentary about this experiment and my trip to the One Drop machine shop in Eugene, OR.

3 thoughts on “The Weekender Yo-Yo, now on Kickstarter!

  1. Oh I missed this one.
    I am pretty sure this yoyo would become one of my favourites.
    Can I still get one? I don’t mind the color much.

    1. Hey Mark, the pre-orders are sold out, but once they have been taken care of I’ll have a bunch available on my site. I’m expecting late-April. Thanks for asking!

      1. Wonderful! I hope I won’t miss it. Thanks

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