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Day 16: The Super Tournament Repro

If you walk around town and yo-yo, you’ve probably been stopped by someone and told about “the good old days” of yo-yoing. We all hear the same old stories about how the “Yo-Yo Man” would come to town and do a show in front of the corner store. Afterwards the demonstrator would carve his name onto yo-yos for the kids in attendance, often adding images like a palm tree on an island to supposedly represent the Philippines (most of the early demonstrators were Filipino).

So it’s no surprise that when Duncan released their wooden yo-yo reproductions 9 years ago, Steve Brown and Chris Neff re-instituted the tradition of yo-yo carving Duncan pros.

Neff gave me a carved Duncan Super Tournament during his first tour for Duncan. At the time, he basically lived out of a camper van for months at a time. It’s funny that while the early demonstrators were carving images of far away oceanic scenes, Chris was carving his camper van.

The blue “Doc Pop” Super Tournament was a gift from the awesome Tom Cunningham (aka oldyoyoguy). Awe inspiring, isn’t it?

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