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Day 19: The Sunset Trajectory NXG

My week of writing about looping yo-yos is at it’s end, but there are plenty of other looping yo-yos I may still squeeze in later.

I haven’t been writing about many yo-yos that are still currently available, but I couldn’t talk about looping without bringing up the Sunset Trajectory NXG.

With a simple modification, the Trajectory NXG is absolutely my favorite yo-yo for two handed tricks.

I know that the Raider will still be the Double A standard for a long time, but I just can’t get into a looping yo-yo that isn’t gap adjustable. Of all the adjustable looping yo-yos, I think the Trajectory has the best feel to it. To modify it, I simply added flowable silicone. If you aren’t familiar with how this is done, please check out “How to mod a Doc Pop Bolt“.

The gap for the silicone is much smaller than most YoYoJams, so it takes a little more work, but the end result is totally worth it. It seems somewhat contradictory that adding a flush layer of silicone would work for a looping yo-yo, but I like it so much I’m-a probably grab another pair.

0 thoughts on “Day 19: The Sunset Trajectory NXG

  1. You know… I’m not actually sure if these yo-yos are NXG or not.

    Can somebody help me out? They look like they are, but they don’t have any markings to indicate them as such.

  2. I think the NXGs side-caps stick out more and are more convex

  3. looks like those yoyos have metal rims. NXGs dont have rims, those are kamataichis with sunset caps i believe.

  4. Are you kidding me?! I wrote a whole blog about the wrong yo-yo?

    Darn it. I traded these from Bill De Blahblah, so he might have changed the caps.

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