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Day 5: The AXL Elite

The AXL Elite, by Custom Yo, was a very unique yo-yo. At the time of it’s release, Custom was most known for it’s MAG yo-yos, a series of aluminum yo-yos that were designed to resemble exotic car wheels. These MAG yo-yos, like most other aluminum yo-yos, where heavily rim-weighted for longer spins.

So it was surprising that when the AXL Elite was released, Custom had decided to try to make a very lightweight aluminum yo-yo with no added weight along the outer rims. The theory being that although rim weighting a yo-yo slows it’s rotational speed (thus lengthening it’s sleep time) a heavy yo-yo requires more energy. So Custom created a very light yo-yo that wouldn’t require as much energy to keep spinning.

It works. At only 42.1 grams, the Custom AXL Elite is even lighter than most mini yo-yos (including Custom’s own Chain Reactor which weighs 49 grams), but it outspins most yo-yos in flat sleep time. However the AXL Elite did tend to lose spin quicker than most rim weighted yo-yos. I think it’s narrow gaps and grip-y pads were largely responsible for this.

With bind return yo-yos becoming more and more common, I’d like to see another attempt at the less is more mentality in yo-yoing. A wide gaped & ultra light butterfly yo-yo could really take the gold.

Speaking of [how’s that for a segway?], today’s blog is a two for one as I also wanted to mention Custom’s gold plated version of the AXL Elite, the Golden Fly. This 24k beauty came packed with a matching stand (as do most Custom Yo-yos). I just realized that although Custom no longer manufactures yo-yos, they apparently do still offer them through their site!

6 thoughts on “Day 5: The AXL Elite

  1. I’m pretty sure Custom does still make yo-yo. II had just gotten in a shipment with new packaging when I was in FL for SER a couple months ago.

  2. They still make them. They told me last I asked that they had to do a run every month or two.

    And the yo-yos sure are good.

    The first run of the Silk was intentionally a light yo-yo for this reason (and it rocked with 5A). Not sure what the weight of the next run will be.

  3. FYI, I believe it’s called the Goldeneye. I can’t remember exactly how it went down anymore, but I remember they sent me a free Goldeneye years ago. It’s a neat one to have..

  4. The Golden Eye was their first gold plated yo-yo. It was based on their AXL yo-yo, a Silver Bullet knock off.

    You can read the engraving on the Golden Fly, but oddly enough the stand that accompanied it was the Golden Eye stand.

    So their basic metal yo-yo was the AXL, the basic butterfly was the AXL Elite, the basic gold plated was the Golden Eye, and the gold plated butterfly was the Golden Fly.

  5. Aha! I stand corrected. 🙂 Why didn’t they call it the Golden Elite? haha

    BTW, that’s really cool that they’re still making and selling them. A blast from the past…

  6. I have a buyer with deep pockets looking for the gold plated stand. If you know of anyone that has one please ask them to give us a figure for consideration. I have a purchase order in hand, so hopefully we can work out something that’s mutually beneficial. Thank you for your time and posts.

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