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Doc Pop breaks Rick Wyatt’s Record.

Rick Wyatt is a legend in the yo-yo community. A National Master, instructional video star, and pro for both Yomega and YoYoJam, Rick is most known as the world record holder for longest sleep. I was there when Rick broke the 9 minute record and again when he beat 11 minutes, so I’ve studied his technique closely.

Finally, after a couple weeks of trash talk on the yo-yo boards, Rick and I battled on the stage at the National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico California. Watch as I break Rick’s record with a stock Fireball!

1 thought on “Doc Pop breaks Rick Wyatt’s Record.

  1. After 13 years, I am now able to speak about the stunning upset Doc put on my record. I had to go into hiding for 5 years from the shame. I went to live with Monks in Tibet until I realized orange isn’t my color and my toes look like I played football for 20 years (which I did).
    Now what has brought me out of hiding happens to me my 13-year-old daughter Kenzie Cool. She bet me a nickel that I was not a part of the infamous band Quiet Wyatt and that Doc didn’t design the cover art for it. Well, the bet was the latter. So Thanks to trusty Google and remembering the scenario, I am now the proud owner of a 2007 nickel that will hang next to my daughter’s 7th-grade picture. That is strictly a reminder that DADS RULE!!!!

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