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New date for Master of Champions

Hello cool world,

I have just heard from the ABC executives that our show date has been officially moved to July 6th!

So, watch it this Thursday if you like, but be sure to schedule a free evening for the 6th, and might as well go ahead and request the following day off from work to… Cause your just gonna stay up all night watching it over and over again on your TiVo.


I’m finishing up the last of the silkscreened and embroidered Hand of Yo shirts, if you interested, send me your shirt size (keeping in mind that American Apparel is just a little smaller than other tees) and I’m expecting a new yo-yo in the Doc Pop Store any day now.


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  1. Jones, Paige, and I have planned our night around it. Wooo! Go Doc Pop!

  2. I plan to assemble the entire Z. clan to gather ‘round the ol’ CRT and bask in the glory that is your yo-yo gris-gris. So let it be written, and so let it be done.

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  4. Damn Doc! That was a kick ass show. You did use that stupid wire well. Paul and Auggie rocked the synced yoyoing.
    What got me jumping up and down was the showdown. All three of you pulled off some amazing tricks. My hats off to all of you. I’m sure your site is getting more hits because of this. Y’all inspire the rest of us mediocre yoers.

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