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Putting and End to that

After a recent posting on Yoyonation’s forum regarding shmooving and beefcaking, I received an interesting email from Lorenzo Bassani from BrokenYoYos team in Milan. Lorenzo is planning on releasing a yo-yo with grooved insides and wanted to talk with me about it.

As it turns out, Lorenzo posted the idea of grooves to reduce the yo-yos inner surface back in July of 2005 on The Yo’s forum, complete with description and diagrams. Read the full thread here.

Thats 3 months earlier than Phil and I made our first shmooved yo-yo out of a Bolt.

To clarify that, Yes, Absolutely. was the first company to produce a shmooved yo-yo, but I believe it’s obvious that Mr. Bassani was beat us to the idea and deserves credit for his innovative design.

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  1. First of all would like to thank to DocPop for the nice talk we had, and for this post on his blog.

    When I started that design and posted it on the forum I had in mind a kind of “open source yoyo” design, so everybody could add some thing and the first to have the money and possibilities could have done a real proto of that…unfotunately at that time (still studying in my university) I had not enough money.

    So under all points of view ,even in the case happened you have seen this design before, absolutely I don’t see any kind of problem for this thing!

    And if that happened I’m really happy you have seen some potential in my daesign!

    Hope to see soon a new yoyo from you with schmooves, and have new chanses to share some ideas with you!



  2. Always good to give credit where credit is due. Thanks for the heads-up, Doc (and nice design Lorenzo)!

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