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A collection of 8 mini-comics printed in two color ink on a classic Risograph machine, then cut and folded by hand.

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The Mini-Comics Mixtape is a collection of 8 small comic books that were all printed in two-color ink on a Risograph, then cut and folded by hand. All 8 comics were drawn in under 24 hours with no planning in advance, so the stories can get a little out there. These comics include:

How to Make a Mini-Comic
Cape Day
Akira Abridged
Chapel Hill
The Story of Yo
6 Skateboard Tricks I wish I Knew
Let’s Go To the Colonies

It’s just a general mix of funny and weird mini-comics that will hopefully inspire you to learn to create your own!

“As a huge Akira fan, Akira Abridged is either the best or most hilarious thing I’ve ever read. It’s sorta affectionate and dismissive at the same time and I love it.” -Derek Britson

The comics were printed at Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago in two color ink, then hand cut and folded by myself (which has taken at least 22 hours of labor). Here is a video I shot with Matt from Perfectly Acceptable about what makes Risograph printing so unique.

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