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The Mini-Comics Mixtape is a collection of 8 small comic books that were all printed in two-color ink on a Risograph, then cut and folded by hand. All 8 comics were drawn in under 24 hours with no planning in advance, so the stories can get a little out there. These comics include:

How to Make a Mini-Comic
Cape Day
Akira Abridged
Chapel Hill
The Story of Yo
6 Skateboard Tricks I wish I Knew
Let’s Go To the Colonies

It’s just a general mix of funny and weird mini-comics that will hopefully inspire you to learn to create your own!

“As a huge Akira fan, Akira Abridged is either the best or most hilarious thing I’ve ever read. It’s sorta affectionate and dismissive at the same time and I love it.” -Derek Britson

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