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The Shawn Exploder is a signature yo-yo designed for Shawn Garcia, a fantastic photographer known for his photos of disassembled yo-yos floating in the air. The yo-yo was designed by Shawn with photography in mind. It is a v-shape wedge with stepped inner walls, which are great for picking up high contrast light in photos. These steps also help reduce string friction when the string rubs against them. In contrast to the rigid inner-walls, the cup of the yo-yo is a smooth bowl with no defining edges. This “organic” shape is great for fingerspins but also helps distribute the weight different than most other wedge yo-yos on the market. This is a competition style throw with a fun and floaty feel.

Each Shawn Exploder comes with an acrylic stand with art by Rob Armin and myself. It also comes with a microfiber lens cloth and a silkscreened pouch.

This is the first wedge shape I’ve ever released. It’s also the first 7075 aluminum and the first signature model I’ve released for another player. I’ve been such a fan of Shawn’s work since I first saw his Instagram account, so it’s a huge honor to work with him on this project.


  • Weight: 63.25grams
  • Bearings: Size C
  • Size: 53mm by 45mm
  • Gap size: 4.4mm
  • Response: 19x14x1.15mm
  • Material: 7075 aluminum
  • TLDR? The Shawn Exploder is a really, really, really ridiculously good looking yo-yo designed by one of my favorite photographers.

Here are some of Shawn’s photos of the Shawn Exploder:

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