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The Washing Machine, an instructable is a wonderful tool for “showing what you make and how others can make it”, but I also believe that it could also become a tool used by yo-yoers to share what they do and how others can do it as well.

I started with a basic trick, Rock The Baby, just to try it out as an instructable.

Now I have just finished uploading all the details you really need to do the Washing Machine. Check it out HERE.

The Washing Machine was created about 7 years ago, and it’s still one of the neatest looking tricks in my arsenal. It’s an offstring trick, that doesn’t require you to start offstring. In fact you can do it in the middle of a normal one handed performance with very little set up.

Adding this trick to the website is more than just an exercise in how useful can be for yo-yoers, it’s also an attempt to make one of my favorite tricks more accessible. The Washing Machine intimidates many players, but I’m telling you that any intermediate player can do the basics of the trick (removing the yo-yo and putting it back on).

So please check out my instructable, try it out, and let me know if any of the steps are confusing or could be worded better.

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