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Hello folks,

It’s been a while, not due to a lack of things to type about, but actually because I’ve been overwhelmed with new projects.

First off, I will be going to LA next week to shoot some material for an upcoming show on ABC television. I don’t want to talk to much about it right now, because things always change, but a camera crew will be coming to SF this weekend to shot some bio material on Doctor Popular, and then me, Paul, and Augie will be heading down to LA to compete as a team against another yo-yo squad. The show will likely be airing in early July.

Pretty nifty.

My buddy RJ has updated the site a bit, fixed some links and added some stuff to the store. I have copies of my newest comic book “Ideas” for sale, super cheap and it’s 24 pages!

Next week I will be picking up special edition Doctor Popular Element X’s from Buzzon. These will be recessed, big bearinged, marble blue, black metal rimmed, with bright orange pogs. Gaudy? Heck ya, that’s the point!

Yes, Absolutely. is the name of a new yo-yo company headed by Phil Cox and myself, our first yo-yo, The End will be a special edition of Anti-Yo‘s Eetsit, featuring an awesome new anodized paint job, laser printing, silicone response, and shmoove rings. This yo-yo is about a month away in production.

For fans of Drown Radio, my music project, check out and for some new tracks. Drown Radio will be featured on a couple tracks on the upcoming Nerdcore Hip Hop Compilation coming out on June 6th and downloadable for free from Here is a new verse and beat I did for my session on the Nerdcore Posse track. I like it… note the mouth harp.

Those of you in LA, send me a “hey howdy” if you’d like to be part of our National Yo-Yo Day hang out activities. I’m propossing a game of Miniature Yolf right here, right now.

If you live in the Bay Area and are over 21, this Sunday is Consurtium of Yo at Zeitgiest bar, this would be a good chance to wear your Doc Pop Hand of God shirts and be caught on film by the ABC film crew.

Check my calendar on

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