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After the Master of Champions

Augie, Paul, and myself are all back in the Bay Area now after a week of rehearsing and filming a yo-yo routine for ABC’s new prime time TV show Master Of Champions. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the show should air on June 29th right before an NBA game.

The idea of the show is that they find people who are in the very top of their field and they have them compete against another act, then all of the finalists come back at the end of the show and a group of celebrity judges choose the “Master of Champions“. The show is an hour long, and our show features a pimped out car, b-boy, karate expert, and card thrower.

The other act they matched us up against was Dave Bazan’s Texas Crew (w/ Jesse Garcia, Miguel Correa). Incidentally, our crew was called The College For the Easily Amused.

The show was crazy, hectic, and stressful. I’m not gonna lie, it was 4 days of mis-communications, hotel problems, waiting in hot trailers, and production problems that had us all stressed out. Both teams were jerked around, with last minute extra challenges and changes to the show. I was way out of the loop on so many things, even all they way up to when they were interviewing us for the show, I know I said some stupid stuff about hoping to come back or something, because they said something about some guests having a chance to come back later. So I’ll probably look pretty silly. The week was a rollercoaster to say the least. Speaking of which, Augie and I met up with my girlfriend Shannon in LA and took a train ride back.

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