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Master of Costumes

There’s a new boutique on lower fourteenth, right beside where Needles and Pens used to be*. It’s owned by Miranda Carol’s, and primarily features Miranda’s own designs, however my friend Bethanne has some jewelry there too.

For the show, I wanted our team to have some decent costumes, so I went to Ross and bought three orange shirts to work with. I got together with Miranda and discussed my idea, based on old shirt with a heart on the sleeve that I designed (that will also probably be in the show also). Amanda sewed the original shirt design.

I’m really happy with the end result, I also bought a black coat to have as a back up in case we needed it for our stunt. A heart was added to the coat as well as cool blue and orange trim.

Miranda took my heart on the sleeve idea and made it uber sexy, note the embroidery on the collar too. She also added a zipper to my pants and surged the edges of the coat with orange and blue thread.

Bottom line, Paul, Auggie, and I look great in our fresh new gear, word.

miranda caroligne – a living construction boutique
485 14th st @ guerrero sf ca
open 1-7pm tuesday – sunday

* Needles and Pens moved over to where Otsu used to be** on Guerrero and 16th..

** Otsu has moved across the street from 826 Valencia.

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