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Back from MOYO States

I accumulated a lot of new items at The Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest. This is some of it.

Clockwise from left;

Drown Radio signage from my show.

MOYO tag on my Blackspot sneaker.

Louisville Slugger clicker from Rick.

Dert by Russ Andert. Traded for a something something. I love it.

Baby Dert, bought from Chris. First yo-yo I’ve bought in a long long time.

Baby Dert, traded for a something something. I love the Baby Dert, it’s totally my favorite new yo-yo of the year.

MOYO cufflinks. Sterling silver with the date of the event stamped on the back.

Modded trucker hat
. With a MOYO pin over the printed logo.

The event was a blast, I saw lots of old friends from my early days in the midwest and did tons of climbing in the City Museum.

Sphere of bonding.

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  1. HECK yeah Sphere of Bonding!!!
    Way to rock the Derts. Is it just me or does your big Dert have some sort of design engraved on the inside?


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