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In my time spent yo-yoing, I’ve created a few tricks and a few mods. In my mind, if a trick catches on, it’s a success… but I guess if I create a trick that doesn’t catch on, but I love, it would also be a success.

In terms of mods, I guess I feel pretty much the same way. My mods are mostly created for me, but when they catch on, I’m doubly happy. A few years ago though, Spintastics and a few other companies started releasing “beefcaked” yo-yos.

Beefcaking was something I created for modding Vipers. Viper bearings are tiny, but if you put two side by side, you can get some great play out of it. Beefcaking was a total fad mod, but when companies started using me technique and the name I had given it too, well I felt a little cheated. I mean if someone would have simply called and asked, I would have said sure.

What I’m getting at, I suppose, is just a reminder that if you are basing something you manufacture on the works of someone else, it’s a good idea to at least let them know about it. Give them credit, maybe even offer them a prototype, or a discounted price or something.

It’s just sort of common sense, not just in yo-yoing, but through any other hobbies your life may come across.

If anyone would like to make a small run of beefcaked or shmooved yo-yos, feel free to contact me and at least say “Hi, do you mind if we do this?” Of course, if you are just doing a single mod or something you totally don’t need to let me know, but I’d love it if you feel like sharing the results with me.

Reach me at doc at

Oh, and Dave… where’s my Save Deth DVD? I’ve been getting emails and instant messages about my Moebius section, and I’m dying to see it for myself.

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