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POPCAST E03, Stalls pt. I

On this fantastic PopCast, I disscuss the art of stalling. Stalls are one of yo-yoing’s newer moves and involves stalling the yo-yo as it returns back to your hand.

In this episode I give the talented Josheph Harris a two handed stall challenge and one week to see what he can come up with it.

My special co-host this week is the infamous Boxthor. Unfortunately, this episode had to be slightly edited due to the length of Joseph’s segment.

0 thoughts on “POPCAST E03, Stalls pt. I

  1. Doc,
    Cool pop cast is boxthor your Teller to your Penn Gilette. Because I only saw him say good by at the end. Or my hearing is just going in my old age.

  2. Boxthoris interruptis.

    Another great Popcast, guys!

  3. i have to say a couple of things. first off love the flow of this pop cast. the way you edited out what Boxthor was freakin hilarious! i love the ending blurb as well.

    and though it seems elementary to bring it up im curious to see those stalls applied to 3a. i dont loop much so that may be why i find that application more possible… wait i dont 3a either… shit!

    awesome episode!!!

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