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PopCast Yo-Yo Vlog E02: Gondola

In this episode, Doc waxes on Pringle’s Prints, the writer’s strike, Houdini Drops, and the Gondola.

Filmed 11/13/07

0 thoughts on “PopCast Yo-Yo Vlog E02: Gondola

  1. OHGOD.

    i hate pringles. those things burn my mouth so bad.

    nice popcast doc.

  2. doc pop is the shizzle that was a awesome popcast

  3. Awesome hehe jokes were a bit odd but fun watching your eat half a pringle and let the rest go on the floor

    tutorial thingy was kewl

    nice job

  4. I always thought that trick was called alpine slide, cool though.

  5. Another cool pop cast !! Houdini drop was my second trapeze trick I learned. The gondola is a cool trick I can add to my list.

  6. Nice!…
    clean Stuff great for the kiddies

  7. love “gondola”. i grew up in new orleans, and use to love the mississippi aerial river transit.

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