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POPCAST, episode 1.

Welcome to the first episode of Doctor Popular’s yo-yo video blog.

This episode runs a bit long, but that’s because Doc is used to doing 45 minute audiocasts, so six minutes really isn’t that bad.

Topics include John Higby’s painted yo-yos, back of the hand stalls, YoYoNation’s vlog, and a new freehand flourish called “loom”.

0 thoughts on “POPCAST, episode 1.

  1. good stuff dude. digging the loom.

  2. Doc cool Vlog liked the new trick loom

  3. Great job on the vlog doc, really enjoyed it….Loom is actually a transition i have in a trick i was gonna put in my new video, but alas since you documented it first ill throw it away, lol.
    lots o’ love,

  4. hey there doc, the video was effing amazing if you ask me, and I hope as such that you will be able to create a plethora of new popcasts. =] please do one based on moebius if you could as well..I’d die to see that. a little history and story back up of it would not hurt either.

    the loom trick is quite fascinating and the higby painted sunsets are mazing!


  5. Sunsets with weight rings? Where the hell have I been?

    Sweet stuff man. Can’t wait for more.


  6. nice nice wish i could do my own podcast.
    maybe one day i think so..

  7. Great Popcast! Yeah, do some stuff on P238, beefcaking, and background on some of the Doc Pop special editions (Super Scientist, Bolt, and the Spintastics-based one, can’t remember the name).

  8. good stuff man.

    if you’re going to start doing these regularly you should make a separate rss feed for the popcasts so people can download them through programs like miro with their other vidcasts.

  9. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for the helpful feedback.

    And here is the iTunes subscription info.
    If you subscribe, let me know if all the previous video casts I have done showed up (one is called Vacorec).

  10. that was a great watch doc

  11. You rule Doc. Thanks for the shoutouts on the backhand stall and!

    Keep the popcast up!

  12. good deal. everything’s in the feed. i’m on linux so no itunes, but i grabbed the feedburner link from yoyonation because i made the same comment in your thread there.

    keep em commin’

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