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POPCAST E06 “Yo-Yo Core”

In this episode of PopCast, I talk to my old friend Kyle Machulis about his newest project at Nonpolynomial Labs. Inspired by Johnny Lee‘s fantastic Wii-hacks, Kyle has created a yo-yo controlled musical interface using Max/MSP and a modified Torch circuit board. In the video, Kyle talks about the project and let’s me make some yo-yo core.

You can check out Kyle’s “WiiYo” post on Skin The Gerbil never sounded so good.

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  1. To get a little more specific: The wii controller has a camera on it that picks up IR signals. Normally these IR leds are mounted near your wii device or tv, but Kyle reversed it… so the camera is now stationary and the IR leds are mounted onto a moving object.

    After that’s done, the information that the wii controller collects is sent via bluetooth to a music making program called Max/MSP. The movement can be set up to control any type of function, for instance;
    up and down can affect the pitch of a sound or loop
    left and right could control the length sound or loop
    forward and backward could control the velocity

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