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POPCAST E07 w/ Simon Welch

This episode of the PopCast video blog features Simon Welch, the UK National Champion.

Simon talks about the B.S.P. from Anti-Yo and shows his new trick “Wedding Nails”.

Doc teaches “La Parqour”. Fun is had by all.

Also available on YouTube.

0 thoughts on “POPCAST E07 w/ Simon Welch

  1. Doc
    Great pop cast!! Thanks for posting it on You tube now I can here what your saying instead of the stuttering sound of the imbedded cast on the site.
    plus the unique sound the BSP makes while spinning.I hope you post the rest on you tube.

  2. Hey, thanks for pointing that out. All of my videos are actually on YouTube (I simultaneously post them along with my files), but I’ve never mentioned that before on here.

    You can see all my youtube videos here:

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