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The End is Nigh…

It all started with The End.

Last night Len, the laser engraver, dropped of the yo-yos and Phil and I will spend most of this week getting these babies fully put together and shipping the pre-orders.

Now that I have a pic online, let me explain a little bit about The End. It all started while working with Kiya and Sonny, I asked them for an exclusive batch of unpainted raw Eetsits to use for a special run. Of course nothing is ever as simple as that. So Phil Cox and myself started working together as “Yes, Absolutely.” and recruited our good friend Nick Corea to help modify these raw eetsits into even better devices. First we sank the bearing well in, to prevent the slipping string problem, then we removed some in surface to keep the yo-yo from being to narrow, then added groves for the silicone, then we added Shmoove Rings.

Now, this is kind of different, the Shmoove Rings are the two recessed circles on the inside of the yo-yo. It’s a new concept, I’ve never been a fan of concave bearings, but I can understand why someone would want something to reduce the friction of the string rubbing the side of the yo-yo. So I thought, why not just remove more of the inside surface? So using these rings, we’ve managed to reduce the inside surface that could rub against the string by about %50, but it doesn’t affect the wind or throw or anything.

Once the yo-yos were finished, we had them anodized. We wanted these yo-yos to have a classic and unique color, it’s hard to describe exactly what they are.. Orange/bronze/yellow/oil-ish? I like ’em, whatever color they are.

Then, with a lot of help from Nick, I took the halves to Len for the Laser Engraving process. The yo-yos were engraved on several places; the outer ring, the inside well, numbered on the posts and even writing on the inside. The inside writing, which says “Shmoove” is a subtle touch that gives the silicone more of a surface to grip on and is partially visible through the clear silicone.

Each yo-yo comes with a concave bearing and a handmade The End yo-yo holster by me. They play great and only 22 will be made. Of those, only 17 will be sold.

I’m expecting the yo-yos to ship by next monday, they retail for $150, if you are interested in getting your hands on an End by Yes, Absolutely. please email me for paypal instructions.

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